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The original polarized.

Polaroid, the first brand to use the polarizing filter for sunglasses, has always offered the utmost lens quality combined with cutting-edge materials and treatments. Now that you know that visual comfort is guaranteed, all you have to do is choose your next favorite shades.

Why polarization?

When light is reflected on reflective surfaces (e.g. water, sand, snow or asphalt), it produces glare. Polarized lenses have a specific optical filter that reduces dazzle and glare.

Polarization features


Reducing dazzle and glare.

The reduction of dazzle and glare from reflective surfaces allows for added comfort and improved vision, especially in case of light sensitivity or in particularly bright light conditions.


Reducing eye fatigue.

Reducing glare helps reduce eye fatigue.


Brighter colors.

The anti-reflective treatment enhances image definition.

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Sharper contrasts.

Polarization improves contrast, for clearer vision.

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UV Protection.

UVA and UVB protection helps reduce the risk of eye injury caused by sunlight exposure.



The lightweight feel of Polaroid lenses makes the glasses easy-to-wear and comfortable, also for extended wear.